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We can customize reprints to suit your company's needs. In addition to several cover options, we can also include:
  • Company logos
  • Advertisements
  • Highlighting of information in tables, charts and in the text of articles
  • Company contact information
A minimum order of 500 copies is required*. Reprints are printed on 80 or 100# gloss enamel paper. Reprint prices vary based on size of the order, and the length of the article. Completed reprints ship within three to four weeks of our receipt of order and artwork. Rush service is available. An invoice is sent after your order is shipped.

*A minimum order of 1000 copies is required for Architectural Record and Engineering News-Record.


BNP Media will produce a low resolution PDF file for you to post to your company website or intranet.


BNP Media welcomes permission requests. Permission to use BNP Media content is granted on a case-by-case basis.

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For more information or questions regarding reprints, please contact:

Adhesives & Sealants Jill DeVries
Appliance Design Jill DeVries
Assembly Jill DeVries
Architectural Record Ana Stover, The YGS Group
Beverage Industry Jill DeVries
Brand Packaging Jill DeVries
Candy Industry Jill DeVries
Casino Journal Jill DeVries
Ceramic Industry Jill DeVries
Commercial Floor Care Jill DeVries
Dairy Foods Jill DeVries
Engineered Systems Jill DeVries
Engineering News-Record Ana Stover, The YGS Group
Flexible Packaging Jill DeVries
Floor Covering Installer Jill DeVries
Floor Trends Jill DeVries
Food Engineering Jill DeVries
Forge Becky McClelland
Green Intelligent Buildings Jill DeVries
Independent Processor Jill DeVries
Industria Alimenticia Jill DeVries
Industrial Heating Becky McClelland
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News Jill DeVries
International Appliance Manufacturing Jill DeVries
Mission Critical Jill DeVries
National Driller Jill DeVries
NDT Jill DeVries
Packaging Strategies Jill DeVries
Paint & Coatings Industry Jill DeVries
Plumbing & Mechanical Jill DeVries
PM Engineer Jill DeVries
Point of Beginning Jill DeVries
Prepared Foods Jill DeVries
Process Cooling Becky McClelland
Process Heating Becky McClelland
Quality Jill DeVries
Reeves Journal Jill DeVries
Restoration & Remediation Jill DeVries
Roofing Contractor Karen McConnell
SDM Jill DeVries
Security Jill DeVries
Slot Manager Jill DeVries
Smart Home Jill DeVries
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Jill DeVries
Snips Jill DeVries
Stone & Tile Design Jill DeVries
Stone World Jill DeVries
Supply House Times Jill DeVries
The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrig. News Jill DeVries
The National Provisioner Jill DeVries
Tile Jill DeVries
Vision & Sensors Jill DeVries
Walls & Ceilings Jill DeVries

Jill DeVries

Ana Stover
The YGS Group

Becky McClelland

Karen McConnell

2017 Subscription Rates

Effective January 1, 2017

Standard Price Tier

  U.S. Canada Foreign
  Periodicals Class $30/yr postage + 5% GST added $55/yr Intl mail postage included
1 year rate $135 $172 $190
2 year rate $216 $287 $326
3 year rate $284 $389 $449
Unless otherwise listed in "Premium" price tier below, all BNP Media publications are subject to above "Standard" price tier rates.

Premium Price Tier

  U.S. Canada Foreign
  Periodicals Class $30/yr postage + 5% GST added $55/yr Intl mail postage included
1 year rate $205 $242 $260
2 year rate $328 $405 $438
3 year rate $431 $543 $596
1. Adhesives & Sealants Industry 2. Appliance Design 3. Beverage Industry 4. Casino Journal 5. Ceramic Industry 6. Dairy Foods 7. Flexible Packaging 8. Industria Alimenticia 9. National Provisioner (The) 10. Packaging Strategies 11. Prepared Foods 12. Quality Magazine 13. SDM 14. Security

Weekly Tier

  U.S. Canada Foreign
  Periodicals Class $25/yr postage + 5% GST added $82/yr Intl mail postage included
1 year rate $87 $117 $169
2 year rate $135 $192 $299
3 year rate $174 $299 $420
1. The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News

Single Copy Sales

Single Copies/Back Issues $17/each + shipping

CONTACT: Ann Kalb - Tel (248)244-6499/Fax(248)244-2925/E-mail

Additional Products

*Shipping & Handling not included in prices listed below and will be assessed upon order.

Architectural Record $9.95 each/U.S., U.S. Poss. And Canada - $11 each/International
ENR - ENGINEERING NEW RECORD $9.95 each/U.S., U.S. Poss. And Canada - $11 each/International
Directories/Buyers Guides $35/each
State of the Industry $35/each
Beverage Industry--Annual Manual $60/each
Brand Packaging--Design Gallery $95/each
Food Master $100/each
Industria Alimenticia--Processor's Guide $150/each
International Appliance Manufacturer $75/each
The Packaging Guide $60/each
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery--State of the Industry $35/each
(Bulk rates/volume discounts will be calculated upon request)

Discounts apply to subscription rates only. Agencies remit 80% of basic 1-yr, 2-yr, or 3-yr rates.
Current postage + GST rates added to cost for Canadian shipments. Current international rates applied to foreign shipments.

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