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Who we are.

Established in 1926, we are a fourth-generation, family-run media enterprise based in Birmingham, Michigan. BNP Media is the trusted choice of millions of B2B professionals globally, providing superior information through a diverse range of reliable formats. Our offerings, including magazines, websites, events, custom media, webinars, continuing education coursework, and market research insights, are designed to support your business success and foster closer connections with your customers.


Our audience.

Our portfolio encompasses a range of influential channels, delivering superior information and access to a vast audience of decision-makers across multiple industries. Have a specific need? We'll create a custom-tailored solution to meet your audience needs or campaign goals.


Our services.

Our services cater to critical aspects of business and marketing requirements. Whether it's instilling confidence in company decisions through high-quality research, crafting authoritative and industry-relevant content, or developing engaging continuing education coursework for their customers – BNP Media's services harness expertise, resources, and extensive reach to empower you in capitalizing on opportunities more effectively and profitably.


At BNP Media, we’re always looking for dynamic, innovative people to help us produce the most effective and exciting brands, the most strategic communications for our clients, and to help us revolutionize the b-to-b media industry.